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Logo Design Contest with $1500 in Prizes

Hello everyone, I'm needing your help designing a logo for my company ( DeGroat Tactical Armaments, LLC. ). What I'm looking for is a professional logo/brand that I can start engraving on NFA products I build. Problem is I'm starting to notice I don't have too much artistic skill, or I'm too picky and don't like anything I come up with. That means it has to be a good logo for me to use.

I would like to see a logo that used the first letters of the company my "DeGroat Tactical Armaments, LLC.", which would be "DTA". I'm also interested in one that uses the entire company name and website ( ) with maybe some good looking line art.

I have some new products coming out here pretty soon that I want to put a logo on (no it's not the Flash Enhancers, those a little further down the road).

If you are interested in drawing up a really good logo that I end up using/keeping, you will get some cool freebie ($1500+ worth). The winner will receive the following items: First on the list to get one of my newly designed Flash Enhancer (your choice in .223 or .308), first to receive one of the new product I have coming out (sorry can't say what it just yet, but should be on the market sometime this month), one custom built suppressor for your choice of gun in the following calibers .22lr, 9mm, .223, .30 cal, and maybe anything in between (a non SOT will have to pay the $200 tax). If you are also at a shoot that I happen to be at, I'll let you take a Minigun for a spin and send a 90mm round down range free of charge as well (sorry I will not be at the Fall Knob Creek Shoot, but should be in the Spring, the 90mm I'm not sure). Oh you will also get to tell all your friend you helped designed my logo.

This contest could have two winners, and yes the same person could win twice (one for the DTA logo and one for the company name and website). The designs must be professional, clean looking, impressive, and something that could not be mistaken for something else (like another company). As for the DTA logo I would say something smooth that ties the three letters in real well almost like a cattle brand, but again not looking for the DTA logo to be made up of just standard fonts, as it will be more of a graphical image than lettering. A little color in the designs is also good, as I plan to embroider the stuff on T-shirts.

Please e-mail your designs ideas to , and you can summit as many as you like. I can accept just about any file type; AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PhotoShop, and of course pictures. Come Friday (8/18/06) I will post who the winner is, or if I have more than one design I really like I'll post them for everyone to vote on.

This will also be posted on other sites as well, so do your best on the logos as I'm sure I will have lots to choose from.

Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner for a DTA logo is: Jim Scott
Grand Prize Winner of a Company and Website Logo: Jason Minner
First Runner up: Matthew Bell
Second Runner up: Jason Griffin
Third Runner up: RDM

Grand Prize Winners will receive a custom built suppressor of their choice, a newly designed Flash Enhancer in either .223 or .308, one Project X item which should be on the market this month or next, and will also get to take a Minigun for a spin and send a 90mm round down range (if at a shoot that I'm at).

Non SOT winners will have to pay the $200 transfer fee on the suppressor.

Runner up winners will receive one of the Project X products of their choice.

Flash Enhancers and Project X items have not been produced yet but will be very soon and winners will be first on the list to receive them.

Winning logo designs will be posted later, after they are cleaned up a little more.

Thanks to all that entered and I hope you enjoyed the contest.